Possible delay in post

For once, I realized this might happen before it actually happens. I don’t have a buffer right now, and this has been a really awful week. I haven’t been able to work on next week’s post at all, on account of spending my week fighting a roach infestation and being sleep deprived because of said infestation. When the nightmare fuel finally abates, I’ll be able to write the post. I’m really sorry if I do miss my Monday deadline.

A book by a female author of color

Did I make this category as specific as I did just so I could avoid reviewing Fredrick Douglass and Chinua Achebe again? Maaaaaaybe. Also, obviously all of these books qualify for this year’s “non-white author” category (yes, that’s not ideal phrasing, but I have a multilingual, multi-generational audience of varying reading levels and I try to keep the categories relatively short).

There is an Australian Indigenous author this week in the repeats and I’m experimenting with a way to spoiler tag their names, something I meant to be better about but forgot when creating the new layout (and no one called me on!). This method doesn’t work in the Edge browser, annoyingly. Fortunately, all the authors are alive as of this posting, so it should shake out alright. Anyway, I didn’t really like my “put them at the bottom of the post with a warning” method, so maybe the spoiler tag will work better? Continue reading “A book by a female author of color”

A book by an author who is a member of a marginalized group in your country

I made this specific to each reader’s country, to encourage them to become familiar with local issues rather than things like US issues, which tend to dominate any discussion of racism in particular. Also not that at the bottom of this post is a Wiradjuri author, for any readers in the (hopefully far) future. Continue reading “A book by an author who is a member of a marginalized group in your country”

A book by an author from a country you have never read a book from before

I am very aware that this post is super late. Last week was bad, and then there was a migraine and a hurricane, so I got even more off schedule. I’m very sorry about that. Believe me, I’m paying for it since I still need to get out the next post on time! Anyway! I know “read the world” challenges are somewhat popular, but they don’t actually ever enforce reading something by someone from the different countries in question. So I made my own that sort of does that, except it ended up with really weird and awkward wording. Basically, the idea was to read a book from a country you had never read a book from before, since it is unlikely one has read authors from every country in the world. I certainly haven’t yet, but gods know I’m trying! Continue reading “A book by an author from a country you have never read a book from before”

A book from a book club

Oh no, not book clubs books. I mean, yes, the Legendary Book Club of Habitica is technically a book club, and we even have some book of the month type challenges going, but mostly it’s a chaotic pub full of book fans all gushing about the latest book to each other, with the occasional shouting match off in the corner that Shanaqui has to settle down before glasses start breaking. It is not the Saturday brunch with mimosas and carefully curated questions at the back of the purpose-made insufferable bestselling novel, nor the droning misery of a mediocre white guy on the importance of Holden Caufield, in a sterile corporate book shop’s chemical scented cafe. Continue reading “A book from a book club”

Delayed Post

Today’s post will be delayed until this evening, on account of being completely wiped out from helping with Octocon 2020, and Irish SFF convention. It’s been a hectic week, and if you’re missing my snarky commentary before I can polish off this week’s blog post, you can watch my panel in which a handful of translators debated the merits of subs and dubs in anime translation. You can also check out some of the other great panels via the program guide, which includes links to the videos. I actually meant to post before the convention was over, but, well, I was a bit run off my feet (I was doing a lot more than just the one little panel!).