A book with pictures

I love this prompt because it actually is fairly easy for me to get through all the new books for it, and it’s proved to introduce me to all sorts of books I never would have encountered otherwise. It’s always a reliable source of variety, too, as y’all don’t limit yourselves to the obvious. I don’t think anyone has tried to pull off just a single map in the appendix of a fantasy novel or the more elaborate chapter start designs, but now that I’ve said something, someone will. Continue reading “A book with pictures”


A book by a prisoner or about prison systems

This was absolutely a stealthy way to get folks to read about prison abolition. Plus, I think most people don’t read all that much written by former and currently imprisoned persons. I am legitimately surprised none of you ran off and read some Oscar Wilde or George Takei’s memoirs or something like that. Or someone have gone and tried to please me by reading a little Peter Kropotkin, although Angela Y. Davis was also a great choice (but a repeat for the blog). Continue reading “A book by a prisoner or about prison systems”

A book you think will help you be a better person

The keyword for this prompt is “think”. I wasn’t going to require you to choose a book, get to the end and realize it was worthless, and have to start over. Or worse, read it, think you had a New Purpose In Life, and then six months later quietly edit your note to a totally different book because the original really didn’t stick. On the one hand, I did desperately hope this didn’t just end up a long list of self-help books. On the other hand, I am seriously questioning how many of you grinned wickedly while whistling a jaunty tune that happens to have the lyrics “Faranae shreds self-help as a warm-up before breakfast!”. Continue reading “A book you think will help you be a better person”