A book with a tree or trees on the cover

This particular category was originally intended as a nudge towards books on the environment, conservation, and climate change. It may have been a bit too subtle, since we seem to have ended up with a pile of books which don’t even touch on the natural world thematically, but use trees on the cover for mood or setting. Continue reading “A book with a tree or trees on the cover”

A book with a reptile or amphibian on the cover

“Animal on the cover” tends to be one of the more popular categories. We’d already had cat and favorite, and I didn’t want to put dog as the next one. So I went for challenge mode to highlight these underrated creatures. That and to give people an excuse to read books with dragons in them. This year I went with “fish in the title”, and I’m fully expecting some sea monsters. Continue reading “A book with a reptile or amphibian on the cover”

A book with too many fonts in the text or on the cover

I’m sure many participants wondered why I made a task for “a book with too many fonts in the text or on the cover”. No, I was not merely protesting particularly egregious cover designs, although certainly a factor. I was inspired by the worst culprit of all, which does make an appearance. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to guess which one. It’s not hard, I promise. Continue reading “A book with too many fonts in the text or on the cover”

An Open Textbook or book from the Open Library

So, here’s a thing I think is kind of important for understanding the URC/MRC and new FRC. Readers are more than welcome to use it as a fun way of helping them to choose books from their existing TBRs. However, that’s not really the original intent of these challenges, and so some tasks just aren’t designed with that in mind. They’re designed with the notion of exposing new and varied literary resources or communities to participants, or to get folks out of their reading ruts or comfort zones. But since not every one of these kinds of categories I create will suit everyone, I’ve got lots of “easy” but fun categories, and I try to make the resource ones feature more than one resource or an alternate task. In this case, I wanted to highlight open-source resources for free, legally obtained books, which can be a boon to those with small budgets and small local libraries. If there’s ever a category you just don’t have time or energy to give justice to, children’s books are absolutely a valid entry even for adults. Continue reading “An Open Textbook or book from the Open Library”